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If you live anywhere in North America where the snow falls, winter can be a trying time on your car. Slippery conditions call for owners to equip their vehicles with winter tires to improve traction and handling. For this reason, rim and tire sales are through the roof just before the winter season hits. We are seeing more owners buy a second set of wheels specifically for winter instead of swapping tires on and off the same rim every season. Overall this is a great choice with many benefits. Additionally, drivers are not settling with the traditional black steel rims but going for their own choice of custom wheels.

Why buy nice rims in a season in which they are more subject to damage? The snow in some places can stick around for more than half the year, but drivers are no longer willing to compromise on the look of their vehicle (and understandably so). Depending on your vehicle’s wheel size, a package with black steel rims and tires can be close to a thousand dollars. Usually for a couple hundred bucks more, you can get a package that has custom wheels. Some even go the opposite direction and use their stock rims in winter and purchase custom rims for the summer look. Alloy rims are easy to maintain, lighter and more importantly, they look awesome! There are countless wheel options to be found both locally and online with a style sure to fit your taste. If you are unsure about the fit, manufacturers and distributors carry the proper information to ensure accurate applications. As you can see, the benefits and sense of personalization is well worth the small premium.

To optimize the use of your wheel setup, it’s not a bad idea to have your wheel alignment checked every now and then. As you drive your vehicle the suspension system will bear the impact and force of the road. Eventually, components will wear out and your car won’t handle quite the same. The winter season doesn’t help either with rock hard ice and debris that will push your car to the limit.

How does it all work? Technicians drive your vehicle onto a special hoist equipped with sensors that will measure special alignment angles. Gone are the days using tape measure and strings, the laser technology is faster and more accurate. After confirming there are no worn out parts, there is a calibration process and readings are revealed. The three main angles (caster, camber, and toe) don’t mean a whole lot to the customer; the most important aspect is how they affect the car. When the alignment angles are not within manufacturers specifications, typically the first thing drivers will notice is the difference in handling. The steering wheel may be off center or the car may even be pulling to one side. The second problem with misalignment is the abnormal wear it will cause on your tires. The tire tread may become jagged or even wear unevenly and may even cause vibrations. Misalignment can be discomforting to the driver, and limit the life and performance of your tires.

There is no sense in having great looking wheels that won’t perform. Going the extra mile ensures your vehicle operates in the harmonious way it was meant to.

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