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Ever go to an auto show and take a look at some of the cars out there? You get cars from all sorts of demographics and they all bring something unique to the table. From car audio junkies to import tuners I personally prefer locking my eyes on the old school beauties, nice clean classic cars that speak for themselves in their timeless elegance. It is easy to take a stroll around the venue and appreciate these works of art, but have you ever stopped to consider how hours of auto repairs goes into building a classic?

Unless you buy a completely finished car, the journey is something of a marathon and not a sprint. The project caters to your specific wants and needs whether it is a show car, track beast or daily driver that’s a little rough around the edges. Here’s the simple truth, you’re going to need help with the auto repairs and shouldn’t be afraid to seek it. Fortunately in today’s world, we have access to a plethora of information right at our fingertips. For those who may not have the mechanical know-how, you simply can’t take your project to any shop. Automotive technology has changed significantly since the birth of your vintage car. Luckily there are many shops all over North America that only work on classic cars. They are equipped with special equipment and knowledge that can only come from experience. How many young, new generation technicians do you know that understand carburetors? How many shops out there have a car rotisserie that they can use for auto repairs? These are the shops you want to find to achieve your goals. It just makes more sense to have the work done by people who have exceptional experience and passion for classic cars AND can handle your auto repairs?

What about doing the majority of it yourself? Unless you are the classic car guru with mastery beyond comprehension, you’re still going to need help. Join some clubs or forums and take in all the experience and knowledge the community has to offer. The internet is an amazing place to access auto repair information, source parts and even to find the car you want. If you are lucky enough to find what you’re looking for in decent shape, half the battle is already won. Not everything can be replaced with new parts which is where some ingenuity and customization will come into play. A classic car’s biggest enemy is rust so having autobody skills is a tremendous asset. It is also not uncommon use parts from multiple “donor cars” to build the finished product. It is important to take your time and be patient. Roadblocks will have you questioning the time and money committed to the build, not to mention the continuous battle with your inner perfectionist.

Making what’s old new again is all worth it in the end. Whether or not you grew up with the classics, a piece of history has been immortalized through your work. It becomes more than your ride, it is your way of keeping the classic car legacy alive, and there’s nothing like the pride of owning your own classic vehicle AND knowing you handled most if not all of the auto repairs yourself!

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